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winning tips from yesterday
the best success rate around

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Weekend tips

Most weekends offer a lot of football matches that you can place a bet on. Here at Tips.Bet we provide you with a very comprehensive list of the biggest matches taking place every weekend. It is easy for you to see which teams are playing each other and what time each of the games will kick off.
Not only will we show you the weekend games for the biggest leagues such as the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1 but we will also show you games for other leagues in different countries around the world.
Although the major European leagues are the most popular, this doesn’t mean that you cannot find good value bets on football matches elsewhere this coming weekend. Just go to our Weekend section and you will see all of the scheduled matches as well as our accurate predictions for all of the games.

Why look at the games at the weekend today?

The vast majority of the bets placed on football matches happen on the day they are being played. If you wait until the day of the matches then you are very likely to get worse odds for your bet than if you chose to bet in advance.
Because the weekends are the busiest times for bookmakers that provide football bets, they want some of their customers to relieve a bit of this pressure by placing their bets a few days ahead. You will often see bookmakers announcing weekend special bets on a Monday or a Tuesday because these days tens to be fairly quiet for them.
Odds on a football match can change drastically on the day of the game. Bookmakers take into account the money they have taken on each match and adjust their odds accordingly. Usually, this is not a good thing for football bettors as the odds for the most favorable bets tend to be shortened. It is much harder to find value football bets on a matchday.
If you check out the weekend bets in advance then you will give yourself a lot more time to find the bets that really appeal to you. We provide our accurate predictions for the weekend matches days in advance so you can take your time to find the best value bets.
More and more of our users are checking out the weekend matches in advance because they know that it is very likely they will find good value. We encourage you to do the same so that you can be aware of the games taking place at the weekend, and look for the best value bets with the help of our accurate tips.

Get all the information that you need

When you go to the Weekend section of Tips.Bet you will find all of the information that you need to make the right decisions about the bets that you should place. For each of the games scheduled for the weekend you will see our accurate match outcome prediction. This will be a “1” for a home win, an “X” for a draw and a “2” for an away win.
To the left of our prediction, you will see the most favorable odds for this bet and the bookmaker that is providing those odds. It is then just a simple matter of clicking on the odds which will automatically take you to the website of the bookmaker and you can place your bet.
We believe that you should have all of the important information about each match taking place at the weekend. So, you can find essential statistics about the two teams involved just by clicking on the teams.
The first thing that you will see is previous head-to-head matches between the teams going back a number of years. This depends on how long the teams have been playing in the same division (if one team is newly promoted then there may not be much to see here).
Below this you will see the form of both teams. You can see at a glance the results of the last five matches that each team has played. To help you further we will show the current standings in their league table and where both of the teams sit at the moment.

Get better value with weekend bets in advance

We want you to get the best possible return on the bets that you place on football matches. Using our accurate predictions is a great way to do this as is betting in advance on matches kicking off at the weekend.
Remember that you are much more likely to get better odds for your bets if you plan ahead and do not leave everything until the day of the matches.