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Germany Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is the top league in Germany. It has been around since 1963 and there are some very good teams in the league. A lot of people enjoy watching games from the Bundesliga and many will place bets on the different matches. Here at Tips.Bet we provide you with accurate predictions on all Bundesliga games.

What you need to know about the German Bundesliga

Teams in the Bundesliga tend to be fairly evenly matched with the exception of Bayern Munich that usually wins the league most seasons. Bayern Munich are really dominant in the league and will win most of their matches against the other sides. When it comes to the other sides in the league playing against each other it is often more difficult to call the right outcome.

Over the last few years, Borussia Dortmund have risen to prominence in the Bundesliga. They have posed more of a threat to Bayern Munich and have established themselves as the second-best team in the lead. Other teams like Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig have also improved and a lot of football bettors follow these teams with their bets.

At the end of each Bundesliga season, the teams that finish in the top four positions qualify for the UEFA Champions League. The team in fifth place will usually qualify for the UEFA Europa League group stages and the team in sixth will now be likely to end up in the group stages of the new UEFA Conference League. Apart from the top four teams it can be more complicated.

When it comes to the bottom of the Bundesliga, the teams that finish in 17th and 18th place will be relegated to the division below which is 2. Bundesliga. The team that finishes in the 16th position in the Bundesliga table will enter a playoff game with the team that finished 3rd in the 2. Bundesliga table. The winner either stays in the Bundesliga or is promoted it.

The top two teams in the 2. Bundesliga table will be automatically promoted to the Bundesliga. Football is the most popular sport in Germany and the average attendances at the stadiums are the highest of all the major leagues. On average, around 43,000 spectators watch Bundesliga matches.

You will find a different financial structure existing with the Bundesliga compared to other major leagues such as the Premier League and La Liga. Clubs in the Bundesliga are encouraged not to overspend and as a result very few German football clubs have debts. Compare that to clubs from England and Spain that often make the news due to financial difficulties.

There is a domestic cup competition that is run by the German Football Association called the DFB-Pokal. The winners of this cup competition automatically qualify for the group stages of the UEFA Europa League. All of the Bundesliga teams are automatically entered in this cup competition every season. Bayern Munich have won the cup 20 times and Dortmund 5 times.

Our Bundesliga section at Tips.Bet

You can see all of the upcoming matches to be played in the Bundesliga by visiting our special section for it. Here you will see details of when the matches will be played as well as our accurate outcome predictions.

You will see at a glance for each match that our expert football computer algorithm will predict either a “1” for a home team win, a “2” for an away team win or an “X” for a draw. We will also provide you with the best odds for the prediction and you can click through to place a bet with the bookmaker providing these odds.

When it comes to matchday we will provide you with a number of other predictions for different bet types with the Bundesliga. If you want to go for over and under goal bets then you will see predictions for these. The same applies to Asian handicaps, double chance bets and draw no bet opportunities.

As the Bundesliga is so popular there are a lot of live games that are shown on TV. We will provide you with progressive predictions that you can follow as the live match progresses. Our live tips are very popular with people that bet on the Bundesliga and other leagues.

How do we arrive at our accurate predictions for Bundesliga matches?

At Tips.Bet we have a sophisticated football computer algorithm that we have developed to analyze several factors in a football game before making a prediction. The algorithm will take account of historical data about the teams in the Bundesliga and will also acknowledge player and coach ratings, injuries and suspensions, home advantage and more.

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