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winning tips from yesterday
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Draw no bet tips

The draw no bet is a fairly recent type of wager. Since its introduction, it has proved to be very popular among football bettors. We provide accurate draw no bet predictions for you here at Tips.Bet so that you can get the best results with this type of bet.
Outcome bets on football matches are always the most popular. People are very eager to bet on whether the final result will be a win for the home team, a win for the away team or a draw. The draw no bet option is a more tactical approach to football betting.
We want you to take full advantage of our accurate draw no bet predictions and so we will fully explain how this type of bet works. It is essential that you understand why the draw no bet option is advantageous to you and how it all works. When you know this, you will may want to consider going for the draw no bet option rather than a straight outcome bet.

How does draw no bet work?

With draw no bet you will split your bet between one of the teams in a match winning and the final result being a draw. When a bookmaker provides you with odds of 3.0 (2/1) for one of the teams to win the match and 4.0 (3/1) for the draw they are telling you that in their opinion the team winning is more likely.
While you may agree with the bookmaker that a team winning the match is more likely than the draw, you may have doubts that the team will actually win. If you just place a bet on the outcome of the team winning then you bet will be a loser if they don’t win.
You can apply math and bet on the team to win and the draw. To do this you will divide up your stake to cover betting on the win and the draw. For the example odds that we gave you above, you would be best to divide your total stake by 4 and then place one quarter on the draw result.
This can become complicated with the different odds offered by bookmakers. To make it easy for you, most bookmakers will do the math for you. But it is always good to know how a bet really works so that you can make the best decisions. The bottom line is that if you bet on one team to win and the result is a draw you will get your stake back with draw no bet.
When you go for the draw no bet option you will reduce the three possible outcomes for a match down from three to two. So, if the team that you back wins your bet will win. If the game is drawn then you get your bet back. You will only lose if the other team wins.

Why should you consider a draw no bet?

The best reason to choose the draw no bet option is that it offers some protection for your total bet. When you place your bets, you want to give yourself the best chance of getting something back in return. There is no such thing as a certainty in football. A smaller team can always surprise a bigger team during a match by winning the game or forcing a draw.
Think of the draw no bet option providing you with some insurance that you will get something back for your bet. There are many cases where one team has dominated a match but are only winning by a single goal and then the other team counter attacks and scores a late equalizer.
A lot of football matches are decided by fine margins and this is where the draw no bet option is ideal. If you do not feel 100% that a particular outcome will happen then draw no bet will provide you with an additional chance.
Sometimes smaller teams can pull off a shock draw when they are playing at home against a big team. Although they are a goal behind the home crowd rallies the smaller team to press for an equalizer and this happens fairly often.

Use our draw no bet predictions for success

Our advanced football algorithm considers a number of different factors for our accurate draw no bet predictions. If you go to our Draw No Bet section at Tips.Bet you will see the matches where we predict this is the best bet to take.
The Tips.Bet algorithm will look at important historical data on the two teams and will also take into account home advantage, current form, injuries and suspensions, player and manager ratings and more to provide you with the best tips. You will see the best deals for the draw no bet options on our page and you can click through to the bookmaker site and place your wager.