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English Premier League

The English Premier League is the most popular football league in the world. There is coverage of Premier League matches available in a lot of countries in the world today. Many bets are placed on Premier League matches every week and we provide the most accurate Premier League predictions here at Tips.Bet.

Premier League matches are the most popular in the world because they are so intense. They are played at a very fast pace and this is often a lot of physicality in the games. Most weeks there are red cards issued by referees in Premier League matches.

Anything can happen in a Premier League match. There are always upsets in the league where smaller teams overturn the giants. It is more likely that a team at the bottom of the league will beat a team at the top in the Premier League than any other league.

The giants of the Premier League

There are six teams in the Premier League that are famous all across the world. These are:

  • Arsenal

  • Chelsea

  • Liverpool

  • Manchester City

  • Manchester United

  • Tottenham Hotspur

Matches that involve these teams are always very popular. The most popular team in the Premier League (and the world) is Manchester United. They have more supporters than any other team by a long way. Any premier league game featuring Manchester United is going to be very popular and there will be a lot of bets placed on the match.

The English Premier League consists of 20 teams. Every season, three teams are relegated from the Premier League for finishing in 18th, 19th or 20th position. Three teams from the English Championship will play in the Premier League if they finish in the top two positions or win the play-off final. Teams in positions 3 to 6 in the Championship contest for the play-offs.

Teams that finish in the top four positions in the Premier League will qualify for the Champions League competition. The team that finishes in the fifth position will qualify for the Europa League. A Premier League team can also qualify for the Europa League by winning the FA Cup.

UEFA has introduced a new competition called the Europa Conference League and the team finishing in sixth spot will usually enter this European competition. If a Premier League team wins the Carabao Cup then they will go into the Europa Conference competition. The Europa League and Conference League participants from the Premier League can be complex.

The reason for mentioning these European competitions is that all Premier League teams want to qualify for them. They will receive payments from UEFA for participating. As the Premier League season draws to a close then there are usually teams competing for these spots and there can be some good betting opportunities here.

Recently, the most dominant team in the Premier League has been Manchester City. They have won three of the last four Premier League titles. Second in the pecking order at the moment is Liverpool who won their first ever Premier League title recently.

Chelsea have won a Premier League title in the last ten years and it has been some time since Manchester United won their last Premier League Title in 2013. You have to go back a long time for the last time Arsenal won the Premier League title and Tottenham Hotspur have never won it. Manchester United have won the most Premier League titles with 13.

In the 2015/2016 season there was a real upset when Leicester City won the Premier League. It is very rare for a team outside of the top six to do this. This proves that anything is possible with the English Premier League and adds to the excitement of it.

The Premier League section at Tips.Bet

If you go to the English Premier League section of Tips.Bet you will see all of the scheduled games as well as our accurate predictions for all of the matches. For betting in advance, we will provide you with predictions for the outcome of the games which will be a “1” for a home win, a “2” for an away win and an “X” for a draw.

On matchdays you will find that we provide predictions for all kinds of bets in the Premier League. These include:

  • Double chance bets

  • Over and under goals bets

  • Asian handicap tips

  • Draw no bet

Every week there are usually a number of Premier League games live on TV. For these games we will provide live betting predictions which you can follow as each match unfolds. It is very exciting to watch a Premier League game live and place bets on what you think will happen during the game.

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