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winning tips from yesterday
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Asian handicap tips

We are very proud to bring you our Asian handicap accurate predictions at Tips.Bet. Placing Asian handicap bets is more popular than ever now so we have focused on providing the best possible betting tips for you. Use our tips to get the best results from Asian handicap betting.
The reason that so many people like to use the Asian handicap system is because that it is a way of leveling the playing field. In all football leagues across the world there are strong teams and weaker teams. Our Asian handicap predictions take this into account and help you to find the bets that offer the best value.

The principles of Asian handicap betting

As we said above, the main aim of an Asian handicap bet is to balance out a football match. Every week there are strong teams playing weaker teams in the major leagues and cup competitions in all countries.
With an Asian handicap bet you will get better odds for both teams. As an example, there may be a cup match between a Premier League giant and a team from one of the lower divisions of English football. The Premier League team will be odds on to win this match and betting on them to win the game will not provide much of a return for you.
Imagine a cup game where Manchester City (usually at the top of the Premier League) were drawn against neighbors Oldham Athletic (often languishing near the bottom of League 2). The difference in quality between these two teams is vast, and the odds for a Manchester City win will be extremely small with conventional betting.
It would not be appealing to place a bet on Manchester City to win. With Asian handicap odds introduced it becomes more tempting. There is always an attempt made with Asian handicap betting to get the odds for both of the teams as close to “evens” as possible.
The way that Asian handicap betting changes the odds is that they place a handicap on the strongest team (in our example this would be Manchester City) and an advantage to the weaker team. Usually, the handicap placed on the strong team is a reduction of the number of goals that they score at the end of the match.
In some cases, you will see that the weaker team has goals added to their final tally of goals. This gives you a much higher chance of getting your stake returned if the team that you bet on doesn’t fall below the handicapped odds. To help you to understand Asian handicap betting further we have provided some examples below.

Full line Asian handicap

Let’s use an example for how this works. Liverpool are playing Burnley in the Premier League. The conventional odds for this match are 1.30 for a Liverpool win, 10.00 for a Burnley win and 5.00 for a draw. The stronger team is Liverpool and they are obvious favorites for a win.
With an Asian handicap the odds can be improved for a Liverpool win. For example, you could find that the odds on Liverpool winning are increased to 1.80 with a -1 handicap. This means that for your bet to win, Liverpool has to win the game by 2 goals. If they only win the game by 1 goal then your bet is returned. A draw or Burnley winning would mean your bet loses.
An alternative full line Asian handicap bet will provide an advantage to Burnley. They may have the advantage of +2 goals and the only way you would lose is if Liverpool were to win by 3 or more goals. A 2-0 win for Liverpool would result in a return of your stake.

Half line Asian handicap

With a half line Asian handicap there will always be a .5 factor involved. So, you may see a weaker team in a match with a +0.5 advantage. This means that they have a head start of 0.5 goals. If the team with a +0.5 handicap draws the match you will win.
There can be larger half line handicaps or advantages for teams in a match. You will come across Asian handicap bets where a team has a +1.5 or +2.5 goal advantage and a -0.5, -1.5 and a -2.5 handicap. These half line bets are popular.

Quarter line Asian handicap

Any quarter line Asian handicap bet will have either a .25 or .75 value at the end. So, you could see an advantage of +0.25 goals up to +1.75 goals or handicaps with negative quarter figures. The main advantage of quarter line Asian handicap betting is that the odds tend to be more generous than they are with half line or full line bets.

Get your accurate Asian handicap predictions at Tips.Bet

We will provide you with the most accurate betting tips for Asian handicap betting on the matches of your choice. You will see our prediction as a 1 for a home win and a 2 for an away win and the handicap or advantage that is applied (e.g. -0.25). Also you can see the bookmaker that is offering the best odds for this outcome.