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Greece Super League

You might think that not many football bettors would be interested in placing bets on Greek Super League matches but you would be wrong. There is a stronger interest in this league than most people believe. Lots of bets are placed on the Super League matches in Greece every week as football bettors look for greater value.

If you are not currently betting on matches in the Greek Super League then you may want to reconsider this. At we have an expert team of football enthusiasts that study the Super League in Greece and our computer provides accurate predictions for all the games. You can find our accurate tips for Super League betting at this page.

How we make our predictions for the Greek Super League Matches

Our aim at is to always provide you with the most accurate free football betting tips. We achieve this by using a cutting-edge computer system that uses complex mathematical modelling. The system has sophisticated algorithms that assess a raft of data so that we can provide you with the best predictions.

As we said earlier, our experienced football team keep a close eye on what is going on in the Super League in Greece. We have a lot of historical data related to the Greek Super League and we feed this into the computer. Not only that, we update the system with recent information such as the current form of the teams, player ratings, suspensions and injuries and more.

The opinions of our football experts are also included in our predictions. All of these has resulted in us providing some of the most accurate predictions around. Our current strike rate is around the 60% mark.

History of the Greek Super League

Before the Super League, the name for the top flight of men’s professional football in Greece was A National (Alpha Ethniki). Although this professional league did not start until 1959, football in Greece has been played since the 19th century. The name was changed to Super League in 2006.

It wasn’t until 1979 that professional football became legalized. There are three professional football leagues for male players in Greece. The Super League is the top division followed by Football League which is the second tier and the Gamma Ethniki which is the third tier of professional football. Any leagues below these are for amateur players.

The Greek Super League consists of just 14 teams. It operates in a different way to most other European leagues. All of the teams will play each other home and away which results in 26 games played by all. Then there is a play-off competition where 10 games are played by the top 6 clubs to determine who the champions will be.

Relegation is different to other European leagues as well. Two teams from the Super League will drop down to the second division and this is decided with the 8 bottom clubs competing in a play-off competition. The top 2 teams from the second division are automatically promoted to the Super League.

The winner of the Greek Super League automatically qualifies for the Champions League every season. They have to play in the qualifying rounds of the competition. There are 3 Europa League spots offered and these go to the teams that finish 2nd and 3rd with the last place reserved for the winner of the Greek Gup.

Interesting facts about the Super League in Greece

Olympiacos has won the most league titles when you combine the recent Super League with the old version which was A National. They have won 45 titles and the next team in second place is Panathinaikos which have won just 20 league titles. AEK Athens are a distant third with 12 titles and PAOK and Aris have 3 titles each.

AEK Athens and Panathinaikos both play at the Olympic Stadium which is the biggest in the country with a capacity of more than 69,600. The next largest stadium is the Georgious Karaiskakis which is the home of Olympiacos. This only has a capacity of around 32,100. PAOK play at the Toumba Stadium which is next in the pecking order with a capacity of 28,700.

The record for the most games played for a Greek Super League club is held by Dimitris Domazos who played in midfield. Most of the games he played were for Panathinaikos but he also had a short spell at AEK Athens. Thomas Mavros has scored the most goals with an impressive total of 260.

The biggest rivalry in the Greek Super League is between Panathinaikos and Olympiacos. These are not only the most famous clubs in the Super League but they are also the best supported too. There is an Athens derby contested between AEK and Panathinaikos which is also considered a top rivalry. Games between Olympiacos and PAOK are also big events.

Final words

A lot of football bettors from all over the globe are interested in the Greek Super League. Nowadays, there are a lot of bets placed on Super League matches in Greece and here at we take the Super League very seriously and provide you with the most accurate predictions.


Is there a lot of interest in betting on Greek Super League matches?

Yes, more than you probably think. A lot of football bettors from around the world regularly place bets on matches in the Greek Super League.

Does provide accurate predictions for all of the Greek Super League matches?

Yes, at we provide you with accurate predictions for the outcomes of all of the matches played in the Greek Super League.

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